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Why do people think mind control is “bad”?

Here is an issue for you personally :
What is the reason that people think mind control is ” bad “?

People shudder in the thought of mind control simply since they live beneath the belief that there are a ” free will “. They’re scared to believe the fact that they do not have control. Yet this truth is we never have complete control.

Being the beasties that many of us are we have lived, died and evolved dependant on what gives us the foremost control. Control is considerable, vital to our survival, self image and self-worth. But, in several cases control is surely an illusion.

Why do people think mind control is “bad”?

There will be levels to the amount of control we do have and also the things within our control. And even though we do not have control in several areas we’ll often deny that fact having a passion.

Having the ability to Control our own thoughts and emotions is probably the most difficult things anyone can perform. But those individuals who understand how people respond and react use that knowledge to control and manipulate us on a regular basis. That’s the reason advertising is such an enormous industry.

While mind control could be an embarrassing fact it is not ” bad ” because as mortals wanting control we’ll turn to anything that gives themselves an edge.

One think about our evolution is based upon the amount of more in control we become. Perhaps successive degree of evolution is to understand that many of us may be controlled and are constantly under some subtle influence without our knowing.

How would we commence to evolve if as an alternative to fighting the undeniable fact that We’re subject to mind control we accepted it? This could be the difference between working to comprehend our limitations and denying them.